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Friday, April 11, 2008


Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
Music by George S. Clinton
Costa Communications Promo (US)
16 Tracks 40:40 mins

I have yet to see a Harold & Kumar movie, not being that much into comedy these days. This sequel to Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, due for release in U.S. theatres on April 25th, finds the pot-smoking duo as suspected terrorists on the run.
Composer George S. Clinton, probably best known for his Austin Powers scores, follows in recent comedy traditions by supplying their antics with a mostly serious score, featuring a very authoritarian, martial-styled theme that opens this promotional disc, supplied by the composer's publicists, and crops up throughout the subsequent score.
After much sneaking around in "Osama Ben Kumar," the track ends with a burst of action. The following "CockMeat Sandwhich" features some dark and threatening textures, with a Middle-Eastern bent, before again errupting into exciting action, complete with ethnic percussion. Clinton perhaps unsurprisingly weaves the National Anthem into "America," with a return to the menacing textures in "Van-V Leaves." "Bambi-Cell" offers some light romance, before slide guitar and banjo offer a southern feel, with more menace playing out the track.
The remainder of the score largely consists of variations on much of the material that has gone before, though "Hewitt-Heel-Airport" offers lighter fare, before its punchy conclusion, and "Pardon - HK Arrives" is suitably reverential. "Kumar's Poem" concludes the score sunnily.
Although the soundtrack album is to be released by Lakeshore records just prior to the film's release, Amazon's track listing indicates yet another song compilation, with just one track devoted to Clinton's score. That isn't to say that a score album will not follow though, for the label has sometimes issued both song and score albums for a film.
Clinton next reunites with Mike Myers for the music to Paramount's The Love Guru, which has a June opening in the U.S.


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