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Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Cinema Collection
Music by Alan Williams
Silverscreen Music SMCD 022 (US)
Disc 1 - 35 Tracks 74:36 mins Disc 2 - 42 Tracks 79:38 mins

I think I've only ever come across one composer-produced collection that possibly betters this one and that's the one released a good few years back Michael J. Lewis. Not that his music is necessarily better, it's just that it is presented in suites from each film featured, which I would actually have preferred in this case too. However, here Alan chooses to present his music in categories, namely Adventure, Romance, Action, Mystery/Suspense, Family, Drama, Comedy and World, which is ideal for the purposes of presenting his work to prospective employers and, on the strength of the content of these two generous discs, it should surely net him plenty of tasty projects in the future.
There is just too much great music on offer for me to cover each track in detail, suffice to say that much of the music is highly melodic, something sadly missing in a lot of contemporary scores, and covers just about any style, occasion and emotion you can imagine. There's romance, sentiment, exciting action, high adventure, comedy, drama, mystery, suspense, despair and nostalgia Williams also shows his mastery of ethnic sounds, with his selections from the likes of Amazon, Kilimanjaro and Dead Sea Scrolls.
Much of the music is drawn from the many soundtracks available on the Silverscreen label, but there are also tracks never before released on disc. If, amazingly, you haven't yet discovered the music of Alan Williams, this splendid collection will have you thirsting for more. There's plenty to choose from on the composer's website at What are you waiting for?


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