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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Music by Christopher Young
Lakeshore Records Promo (US)
17 Tracks 53:01 mins

The new drama Sleepwalking stars Charlize Theron, whom I believe also had a hand in the production of the picture. The film opened in the States on March 14th, having premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.
The soundtrack album, featuring Christopher Young's score, plus an opening song, has been released by Lakeshore Records and Costa Communications were kind enough to send me a promotional copy. The first score track on the album is the brooding title track, which is followed by the more optimistic piano, guitars and strings of "Heavens to be Had." The same combination continue the mood in "The Water Waltz," before things turn introspective with "Twisted Hearts, Broken Souls," featuring sad, spare piano. The mood continues somewhat over the next few tracks, before a little urgency is injected in "Three Angels Underground," but it doesn't last long and we're back to the gloom again in the following tracks.
"Ferris Wheel" sees a welcome reprise of the waltz, before sad piano returns in "Sparkle Road." Guitars move things along catchily in "She's a Dead Diamond Dancer," before "Mad Bad Dad,"injects an air of menace. "Shine On" brings matters to a quite sunny and satisfying close, with a development of the "Heavens to be Had" material.
Often typecast in the horror/thriller genre, it's always good to see Young break the chains and score something totally different, as is the case here.


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