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Saturday, March 22, 2008


La Battaglia Di Maratona
Music by Roberto Nicolosi
Digitmovies CDDM0101 (Italy)
22 Tracks 58:27 mins

The Giant of Marathon, to use its English title, was a 1959 Peplum, starring Steve Reeves as Olympian Philippides battling against Persian invaders. The film was largely directed by Jacques Tourneur, though Bruno Vallati handled the underwater sequences.
The music was provided by the dependable Roberto Nicolosi, a veteran of the genre and commences with a suitably heroic main theme, ending in a brass fanfare, before continuing on strings in the following track. In the following track, "Giochi in Giardino," an initially flirtatious love theme is introduced, and then developed warmly over subseqent tracks. In between, we have plenty of suitably muscular action writing for some lengthy battle scenes, culminating in the 10-minute confrontation that takes its name from the film's title; a bombastic march for the invading Persians, not a little dark intrigue, and an exotic source cue "Danza al Palazzo." At the end if the disc, an alternate version of "Battaglia Navale" is included as a bonus.
The score, presented in very good mono sound for its age, is accompanied by the usual colourful booklet, featuring Claudio Fuiano's introductory notes, together with plenty of stills and artwork from the film. Visit


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