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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Italian Police Deluxe 3 CD Box
Music by Stelvio Cipriani, Bruno Nicolai and Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Digitmovies CDDM100 (Italy)
Disc 1 - 16 Tracks 51:54 mins Disc 2 - 21 Tracks 51:41 mins Disc 3 - 16 Tracks 48:13 mins

As I mentioned some days ago, enterprising label Digitmovies has reached the fabulous milestone of 100 releases of fine retro Italian film music. To celebrate they have released a splendid 3-CD box, featuring three scores for police thrillers of the '70s, all previously unreleased in complete form.
Disc One features Stelvio Cipriani's music for 1973's La Mano Spietata Della Legge and largely consists of variations on a strong, flowing main theme, which is reprised in many differing arrangements, some romantic with piano and strings, or flute, or guitar; others more uptempo, with bongos driving them on. The theme is also presented in a Bossa Nova arrangement, as is a second, easy-going theme. There is also a disco-styled version. There is a little bit of suspense along the way, and "Violenza" presents a double-bass-driven jazz mover, but the score is largely one-themed, though the theme is strong enough not to outstay its welcome.
Disc Two presents Bruno Nicolai's jazzy score for 1975's L'Uomo Della Strada Fa Giustizia, which starred Henry Silva and Luciana Paluzzi. Again, a strong main theme dominates the score and appears in many of the score's tracks, initially with a jazz piano intro, but more often it goes straight into the largely sax-lead fast-flowing theme, though electric guitar gives some variations a hard edge. Nicolai also gives us a very nice love theme, often with a music box-styled intro, which again is reprised a number of times. Some suspenseful moments, with a real eerie, gothic feel sometimes, make their presence felt here and there, and there is also some easy listening source but, like the Cipriani score, the strong main theme leaves the strongest impression on the listener.
Disc Three features the De Angelis brothers' score for the Fabio Testi starrer Il Grande Racket. Now, normally one can rely on the composing team to come up with plenty of catchy melodic material, but this is a real departure from the norm, a hard-edged, piece of abrasive beat-driven rock, noisy and violent, with wailing guitars etc., and quite trippy and unsettling at times. It all makes for a far from comfortable, uncompromising listening experience.
The usual quality booklet accompanies the music, featuring colour stills and artwork from all the films, guides to each entry and their music by Claudio Fuiano and Pierluigi Valentini, together with Luca Di Silverio's introductory notes, commemorating this historic 100th release by the label.
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