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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Music by Inon Zur
Sumthing Else Music SE-2038-2 (US)
22 Tracks 64:32 mins

Although Inon Zur has written music for film & TV, he is best known for his work in the video game field. Unfortunately much of his fine music remains unavailable on disc, but at least friends of the game score Sumthing Else Music have released one of his recent efforts for sci-fi first person shooter game Crysis. It's a generous length too at more than an hour.
Zur's music for Crysis is a mix of orchestra (the Northwest Sinfonia), choir and electronics, and makes for a powerful listening experience, much of it marching relentlessly forward, with much percussion, some of which has a jungle feel, others creating a more mechanical sound.
There are poignant moments too, as in the fateful choral "Sometimes You Lose" and also suitably otherwordly, ambient, suspenseful and threatening textures. "Pyrrhic Victory" provides a suitably heroic conclusion.
One or two tracks feature snatches off dialogue and effects, but don't be put off by this, as they are brief and placed at the opening and/or end of each such track, thereby offering minimal interference to the music that follows.
In conclusion, yet another fine game score by a man who is a master of the art. Would that more of his fine music for the medium were available to listen to away from the game. Samples of what we're missing can be found on the composer's website at


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