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Sunday, May 06, 2007

CD REVIEW - Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace
Music by David Arnold
Sparrow SPD 88509 (EU)
24 Tracks 43:15 mins

Quite a change of pace is this film dealing with William Wilberforce and his anti-slavery campaign from David Arnold's most recent work on the latest James Bond film and comedy Hot Fuzz, and I have to say, whilst very worthy, his music for the film makes for very dull and uninspiring listening on CD. Of course that is wholly appropriate for much of the film's content and I am sure it serves the film well, but it very nearly sent me to sleep whilst trying to evaluate it.
There is much brooding and sad material to be heard, with low, wordless choir bracketing much of it. Occasionally, when moments of hope appear, Arnold provides appropriately propulsive and mildly uplifting sounds, with some passionate and triumphant string writing featuring, but this only really reaches heady heights in the concluding "Triumph." All in all then, a disappointing listen on disc.


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