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Thursday, May 03, 2007

CD REVIEW - Lo Voglio Morto + News from Costa Communications

Lo Voglio Morto
Music by Nico Fidenco
GDM 4101
26 Tracks 59:34 mins

The second new Nico Fidenco western score released in the Hillside Series also dates from 1968 and again stars Craig Hill.
Another generous CD presentation gathers together tracks previously released on the original album, including three in mono, and previously unreleased selections, all in pretty good sound, age considering. It is very much a one-themed score, with the majority of tracks presenting variations on the excllent main theme. There are just a few suspenseful, tension-filled offerings, mostly late on.
The theme is first heard in the opening "Clayton Ballade," where solo recorder starts it off, to be joined by choir, all in rather mournful style. It then develops into a galloping trumpet-lead affair. A flamenco guitar version is next up in "Clayton Guitar," and then two vocal versions by Lida Lu follow, the first in English, the second in Italian, both with whistled intro and exit, presumably by Alessandron Alessandroni, whose I Cantori Moderni feature throughout the score, as does harmonica player par excellence Franco De Gemini, whose haunting solo starts off the next selection, a galloping variation, appropriately entitled "Galoppata Tragica." "Pastorale" presents a version with female choir and guitar.
Thereafter, as previously noted, it's basically a collection of variations on these initial approaches, though there is a hinky-tonk piano version in "Funny Saloon." Two bonus tracks close the album, which appear to be the songs without vocals.
As with yesterday's featured release, the disc is again accompanied by an eight-page booklet, featuring colour stills from the film, plus original poster artwork. Order your copy from

From Costa Communications


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Lisa's career is a musical journey that began in the early 1980s when she and fellow Australian Brendan Perry formed Dead Can Dance, one of the world's most extraordinary bands whose boast is that they never fit into any neatly manufactured genre or lazy pigeonhole. With Lisa's otherworldly voice counterpoised by Brendan's mellifluous tones, from the outset they thought nothing of setting discordant electric guitars and dark, rolling bass lines against cellos, trombones and timpani.
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