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Monday, April 30, 2007

CD REVIEW - Skylines

Music by Christopher Gunning
Orchard Music OMUK200700
18 Tracks 71:22 mins

Regular visitors to this site will have read my review earlier this month of Christopher Gunning's latest score, which makes up part of the soundtrack album to La Vie en Rose. It's always a (too rare) pleasure having the opportunity to review the composer's music, so I was delighted when he contacted me to say he had a new instrumental album coming out.
Skylines, whilst having a few familiar themes thereon, is largely a collection of newly composed instrumentals, which Gunning describes as "much more rhythm based than a lot of my film and TV work. I wanted to have a go at something else!!" Whatever, it is a very nice album indeed, and whilst electronics play a big part, the composer received valuable assistance from Phil Todd(soprano saxophone, alto saxophone), Stan Sulzmann (alto saxophone, Bass flute) and Nicole Tibbels (soprano).
The album starts quietly with "Skyline - Dawn," before introducing the first of a number of rhythmic movers, "Interstate 95." This is followed by a lovely, laid-back, tropical arrangement of "With the Right One," the familiar theme for the Martini adverts. "Street Games" has an expectant opening, before sax leads us in another catchy, rhythmic offering.
"Sweet Child" speaks of innocence and gentility, and is followed by another familiar piece, the flute-lead "Theme for Black Magic," with Ms Tibbels featuring in the bridge. "Fast Dada" is just that, a busy, fast-moving piece of jazz.
"They Dine in Smart Cafes" begins and ends with street noises and is a sax-lead waltz, with a French feel to it. "Rockers" is yet another rhythmic mover, and is followed by the always welcome "The Belgian Detective," the popular theme for TV's Poirot.
"And a Bird Watches..." begins expectantly, before taking flight; and "Pomp" is an optimistic mover. "Desert" is suitably mysterious and a little desolate; whilst " A Sad Tale" opens poignantly, before opening out into a passonate sax-lead theme.
"What's Your Problem?" is an energetic, piano-lead theme, contrasting with "Easy Now!" for laid-back sax and piano. The penultimate track is "Was it Love?" a suitably reflective piece, a little sad, with keyboards and sax; with the sax-lead nocturne "Skyline - Dusk" concluding this entertaining disc.
If you want to hear samples from the album, go to You can then order your copy online.


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