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Friday, April 20, 2007

CD REVIEW - Fracture

Music by Jeff & Mychael Danna
New Line Records Advance CD
15 Tracks 44:03 mins

Composers for this courtroom thriller, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling, opening both here and in the States, are the brothers Danna, both fine screen composers in their own right, but who occasionaloy get together to score a film, like Tideland and Green Dragon.
This is perhaps their most conventional score together, a lrgely piano and strings affair, which reminds me somewhat of Jerry Goldsmith's great score for Basic Instinct, especially in its opening and closing moments. "The Rube" is an initially delicate piano affair, but strings take it in a mysterious and ultimately more passionate direction; whilst the following "Mrs. Smith" builds on this with surging piano and strings runs. After that the there are a number of tracks that move along rhythmically or percussively, either underlining investigations being carried out or more sinsister and menacing moments. There are however more intimate cues, like "Call Me Later," with its tender flute and the sad cello of "Bedside Vigil." The 6-minute "I Decide When It Gets Pulled" is a standout track, developing an almost Native Indian-styled rhythmic beat and becomes increasingly more powerful and menacing as it approaches its conclusion.
I am working from an advance disc, but it looks like New Line Records are releasing the score in the US, with Silva Screen probably following in the UK. It's certainly worth checking out if you like the Basic Instinct music, or scores of that ilk.


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