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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CD REVIEW - The Enforcer and Awards News from musicfromthe

The Enforcer
Music by Jerry Fielding
Aleph Records 038 (US)
13 Tracks 40:09 mins

Though excerpts from the score were previously released on LP, this is a first-time CD release of the complete score for the third in the Dirty Harry series.
Whilst Lalo Schifrin composed the scores for the remainder of the series, he was unavailable for The Enforcer and so scoring duties fell to Jerry Fielding, the perfect replacement, who indeed proved to be so, taking a similar approach to Schifrin and providing a great blend of jazz, funk and Avant Garde.
After a suspenseful and dissonant start in "The Prologue," Fielding comes up with a cool, jazzy mover, with prominent sax, for the "Main Title." Some of this dissonant and suspenseful music, as in "Alcatraz Encounter," comes close to the kind of Avant Garde scoring provided by Jerry Goldsmith in his classic Planet of the Apes score.
Fileding's theme for Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry character, first heard in "Harry's World," is quite rhythmic, but unpredictable, and variations on the theme can be heard throughout the score. "Rooftop Chase" is the action highlight of the score, a flowing jazz-funk mover, which becomes episodic later in this lengthy cue, before ending somewhat subdued. The other high point, follows the Tyne Daly character's tragic death at the end of the film. The "Finale," subtitled "Elegy for Inspector Moore," features piano and strings and becomes really quite heart-rending. An alternative version is included as a bonus at the end of the disc, and is more weighty, with the addition of brass, but not nearly so moving.
Accompanying the disc are Nick redman's notes on the film, its music and composer, plus a foreword by Tyne Daly.
Fans of the Dirty Harry series will very much welcome this release, coming hard on the heels of the label's previous releases of Lalo Schifrin's fine scores for Dirty Harry and Magnum Force. It's certainly a fine example of the late Jerry Fielding's work which, though seldom melodic, invariably serves its subject well.
Visit Lalo Schifrin's official website at, where you can browse and order from the Aleph catalogue.

The Music from the Movies website reports that, somewhat surprisingly, Nicholas Hooper won the BAFTA for original TV score for his work on Prime Suspect 2: The Final Act. I think the general feeling was that George Fenton was a shoe-in for Planet Earth. Hooper is of course the composer for the upcoming Harry Potter film, so things are really looking up for the composer at the moment - and note before time, I might add.

The nominees for the Ivor Novello Awards on May 24th have been announced and, in the film soundtrack category, the nominees are David Arnold for Casino Royale, John Powell for Ice Age: the Meltdown and Christian Henson for Severance. In the TV category Alex Heffes for Shiny Shiny Bright New Hole in My Heart, Martin Phipps for The Virgin Queen and John Lunn & Jim Williams for Hotel Babylon are the nominees.

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