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Saturday, May 05, 2007

CD REVIEW - Uno di Piu' All'Inferno

Uno di Piu' All'Inferno
Music by Nico Fidenco
GDM 4103
13 Tracks 34:45 mins

The third and shortest of the new Nico Fidenco western releases in the Hillside series is again a score from 1968, another western, this time starring George Hilton.
The CD brings together the three previously released album tracks with the remainder of the unreleased score, all in stereo sound; and again, it is pretty much a one-themed score.
This theme is first heard as an echoey English language vocal by Gianni Davoli. "Forgive and Not Forget" is not the greatest Italian Western song, but not bad all the same. The theme pretty much crops up throughout the remaining tracks, save for a couple of versions of "Gun Strip Minuetto," another genteel piece, with brief breathy vocals by Edda, whcih becomes more strident as it continues.
There are a number of tense, suspenseful and dramatic variations on the main theme, but plenty of more enjoyable treatments, either galloping, with trumpet lead or with Edda and choir, or in laid-back travelling mode, s well as a low-key version for guitar and choir in "Amore Nel West." "Momento Patorale" is a strange piece, with flute in a repetitive, ascending figure, but ends with a more straight-forward harpsichord variation on the theme.
The concluding track starts out with a reprise of "Momento Pastorale," before building to a dramatic crescendo, then seguing to an organ version of the main theme, before Davoli returns with a brief vocal reprise.
The accompanying eight-page booklet again features colour stills from the film, as well as original poster artwork. Again, the address to go to for your copy is


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