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Friday, July 16, 2010


For any of you that caught the FILM MUSIC LIVE broadcast from Ubeda on Wednesday, you will have heard the news straight from the horse's mouth that Christopher Lennertz's score for Cats and Dogs 2 (reviewed here yesterday) will indeed be coming out in August on Varese Sarabande.
The broadcast was recorded and featured an informal Q & A with both Lennertz and True Blood composer Nathan Barr, with special guest Randy Edelman. The guys showed great stamina, considering it was something like 4 a.m. in Spain at the time.
You can watch it at, and you'll also find a recording of the first broadcast from John Debney's studio, where he, joined by publicist and producer of the show, Ray Costa, answers questions and gives us a tour of his studio.
I'd like to give my thanks to Ray for instigating these broadcasts and also for making them accessible to those of us who are not able to catch them live.


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