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Thursday, July 08, 2010


The Edge
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1131 (US)
23 Tracks 66:15 mins

The late, great Jerry Goldsmith still had a few good years in front of him when he wrote the music for Lee Tamahori's wilderness action/adventure The Edge. In fact, he was still at the height of his powers, having received another Oscar nomination for the same year's L.A. Confidential.
A perfectly good soundtrack album was released at the time, but La-La Land Records have done the composer's fans a big favour by adding over 25 minutes of previously unreleased music, including three bonus alternate tracks, to this limited edition of 3500 units.
For those of you not familiar with the score, as well as boasting a goodly amount of the composer's trademark action and tension, he also showed that, even in his later years, he was still an innovator; his warped, growling brass figure for the bear that relentlessly stalks Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin through the Alaskan wilderness, being much copied in the years that have followed. Goldsmith could always seemingly easily come up with a memorable tune and his main theme for The edge is certainly that, a lovely, expansive melody that is much in evidence, particularly in shots of the ruggedly beautiful Alaskan scenery.
Accompanying the CD is the usual high-quality booklet, featuring numerous colour stills from the film, together with Jeff Bond's detailed notes and cue-by-cue guide.
I am quite sure that all Goldsmith admirers will want to add this splendid complete presentation of his score for The Edge to their collection and, hopefully, there will be enough copies to go around. But I shouldn't delay, get along to and order your copy now.


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