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Saturday, July 03, 2010


As two of the three Ws are coming to an end (the World Cup and Wimbledon), and owing to the fact that a few new releases are now trickling in, I thought I'd best make an effort to get back into the groove again, starting with a new digital download from composer Edwin Wendler:-

Azureus Rising
Music by Edwin Wendler
Westwood Music Group WEDD-1182
5 Tracks 11:19 mns

Azureus Rising is a CG "proof of concept" for a planned feature film trilogy, which "tells the story of a young man who, after escaping death and enduring a life-changing journey, matures into a heroic freedom fighter." It is described as "an epic tale of self discovery, obligation, and love against all odds." You can catch the video at It's a real thrill ride and is already proving popular, with more than 500,000 hits already, and is garnering its director David Weinstein much positive attention.
The EP gets underway with the powerful "Azureus Theme," which is probably best likened to the kind of propulsive, exciting music that's being produced for trailer music libraries these days. Here, Wendler achieves a huge sound, enhanced by choir, following this track up with "Guards and Seeker," which is more episodic, but still excites with yet more pounding action material.
"Scorpion and Sword" opens menacingly, before again erupting into exciting action writing; ending with an heroic snatch of the main theme.
The next track up, "Scrap Metal," is effectively a suite of alternative versions, percussion dominating its opening, before developing into a mix of dissonance and action, with a slightly more electronic sensibility early on; leaving "Azureus Credits" to close the EP with a brief statement of triumph.
Edwin Wendler remains busy, composing the score for Christmas With a Capital C, and providing additional arrrangements for John Ottman on The Resident.
Download the Azureus Rising EP, which comes with a 6-page digital booklet, featuring an interview with the composer, for free (yes, for free, so don't miss it!), from


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