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Friday, July 09, 2010


Sex and the City 2
Music by Aaron Zigman
WaterTower Music
25 Tracks 45:42 mins

Sex and the City 2 came and went in cinemas to generally unfavourable reviews, but I am sure fans of the show will have lapped it up. Perhaps now though it is time for the divas to finally hang up their designer clothes. All the well-loved stars were back for the sequel, as was composer Aaron Zigman and, although a song album was initially released, I'm glad to say that his score is now also available from WaterTower Music.
The composer's publicists, Costa Communications, kindly came up with a copy of the CD, that opens with the catchy "Divas and Dunes," which mixes contemporary grooves with more traditional Middle-Eastern elements. "Welcome to Abu Dabi" follows and boasts an expansive theme in the finest Lawrence of Arabia traditions.
Zigman's score proceeds to cover a wide spectrum of sounds and styles, including the sentimental "I'm Downstairs," "It Happened One Night," "Phone Call," "Home Without Big," and "Big is Back; whilst "Meeting Erin," sports a catchy jig; and more Middle-Eastern flavoured cues follow, like "Arrive at Souk," "Airport Arrival," "Airport," "Carrie Sees Aidan," "Breakfast pt.2," and "Hookah Lounge;" the composer again mixing these sounds with modern grooves in the likes of "Samantha Talks to Smith," "Confiscate Drugs," "Breakfast/Jeep Guy," "Dress for Date," and "Sneaking Burkas." Of course there are a few moments of pure slapstick along the way as well, as in "I Have Condoms" and "Watch."
All in all, a very entertaining listen then, much as Zigman's score for the first movie was, but made more so by the exotic surroundings.


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