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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


On 19th July, Harkit Records release Mambo In Paris. Dating from the young Lalo Schifrin's time in the city, where he studied in the '50s, having managed to survive the military regime in his native Argentina (read how close he came in his autobiography, Mission Impossible - My Life in Music - see my review at for publication details), this is a first time CD release for the album, that features the orchestra of Eddie Warner, for which Schifrin arranged and also played piano.
Of course, this is entirely film music unrelated, but if you like the Afro-Cuban styles of music (then called cha-cha-cha and mambo, now better known as salsa) and are even the tiniest bit curious to sample the early Schifrin (he has four of his own compositions on the disc), you might like to pick up a copy of this remastered album, which plays for just over an hour and is accompanied by notes in English and French by Schifrin's French biographer, Georges Michel.
Check out samples at, where you can of course also order your copy.


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