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Friday, June 04, 2010


Music by Rolfe Kent & VA
Lionsgate Music
16 Tracks (8 Score - totalling 15:05 mins)

Released in US theatres today is the new action rom-com Killers, directed by Robert Luketic of Legally Blonde fame, and starring Ashton Kutcher and KatherineHeigl.
The soundtrack album is available for digital download from Lionsgate Music, with the emphasis being on songs by the likes of Macy Gray, Salvador Santana, Nikki & Rich, Faces, Bitter: Sweet, Rox and so on; nearly all of which I have never even heard of. There is however a selection of tracks from Rolfe Kent's score, so it's not a total washout, but we have to wait until track 9 for the first of the 8 cues, "Scuba Sneak and Shopping," a catchy little piece of Latin flavoured spy music. "I'm Gonna Kill Him" follows in fine Flamenco style, and then the cat and mouse action of "Even the UPS Guy," which ends on a moment of calm after a big crescendo.
"Arriving in Nice" is another catchy little mover, which recalls the spy theme from before, with things slowing down for the easy-going romance of "Falling in Bed." "Elevator Attraction" gets us back into light-hearted sneakiness mode, before blossoming sunnily on strings to close. The brief but gay "New Home Office" follows, with the lengthiest track saved for last in, the form of "Killers Suite," which gives us a substantial reprise of the main theme, before the love theme kicks in; with the Flamenco bringing proceedings to a foot-stamping close.
It's another effortlessly catchy little score from Rolfe Kent, who is by now a master of such things, and it's just a pity that so little of his score has made the album (assuming that is, that there is much more of it in the film).
Go to, where you can preview tracks from the album and find details of where you can download your copy from.


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