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Thursday, May 27, 2010


On 31st May, Silva Screen Records will release internationally (but excluding India) the song based soundtrack to the new hilarious, Gurinder (Bend It Like Beckham)
Chadha British horror comedy It's A Wonderful Afterlife.

Set in the Asian community and with a distinctive flavour of the classic Ealing comedies, the
film tells the hilarious story of a matchmaking mother who becomes a serial killer to protect
her neglected daughter from suitors.

"Not since John Waters brought us “Serial Mom” has there been such an inventive female
murderer. In It’s A Wonderful Afterlife, Mrs Sethi kills by tandoori kebabing, suffocation by
naan bread and force-feeding her victims vindaloos until they explode… As a headline in the
film notes: Korma blimey”.
- The Times

The soundtrack brings together a rich collection of sounds by popular British Asian and
bhangra artists. It includes music from MOBO award winner Panjabi MC with a different take
on the classic A-Team theme as well as Bally Sagoo’s clever new desi slant on the Bee Gees
anthem Stayin’ Alive. Other highlights include Taz from the group Stereo Nation, It’s Love with
soul diva Mica Paris and Black’s 1980s anthemic smash Wonderful Life.

“The audio track is indeed a winner. Directed by Bally Sagoo and Sukhwinder, the music of the
film is a vibrant mish-mash of bhangra, pop, hip hop and English songs too to appeal to the
Indian diaspora. Watch out for the Sukhwinder and Rahat Fateh Ali number.”
- The Times of India

Track Listing:
1. Panjabi Soldiers A Team Theme 3:57
2. Bhangra Chic 4:19
3. So Real So Right 3:49
4. Larl Larl Beleeya 4:31
5. Do The Nach 4:03
6. Wonderful Life 4:59
7. It's Love (Piano Version) 6:35
8. Disco Bhangra 3:12
9. Crazee 4:01
10. Madhaniyan Nikkiyei 5:08
11. Ghum Suhm Ghum Suhm 5:50
12. Stayin' Alive Desified 4:31
13. It's Love 4:02
14. Ghosts Of Ealing 2:26

It's A Wonderful Afterlife ( SILCD1327) can be ordered as a CD or digital download from


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