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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Wind Man
Music by Yury Poteyenko
KeepMoving Records
13 Tracks 27:58 mins

Another score from Yury Poteyenko, this time for Khuat Akhmetov's fantasy film Wind Man, which earned a Special Mention at the 2007 World Film Festival Montreal.
Poeteyenko's quite brief orchestral score opens sympathetically with "Appearance of Madar," a rather sad little theme, before proceeding to the main titles music, "Fall of an Angel," where slowly progressing strings are joined on occasion by airy flute, that latter, accompanied by harp, continuing into "He Reminds Me of Someone." "Madar - Harbinger of Death" uses wind effects to illicit a suitably icy feel. Following this, the flute and harp return to provide a lovely, pastoral feel for "New Friend."
Choir joins the mix for a couple of powerful cues,"Angel in Anger," and "Flight/Broken Wing." The inventive and threatening "Madar is Close"follows, giving way to the ethnic-styled opening action of "Hunting Madar, with its pounding drums driving the music on. "I Will Be Flying/Fall" features an expressive violin solo, and more wind effects at its opening. This is followed by the increasingly emotional title track, and then "Resurrection,"which progresses mournfully with choir, until strings provide an uplifting conclusion. The final, and longest, cue on the album, "Outcome" sees the composer reprise his lovely main theme to provide a glorious and satisfying conclusion.
This release is limited to 1000 units, so get along to to hear some samples and to order your copy.


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