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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Dio Non Paga Il Sabato
Music by Angelo F. Lavagnino
GDM Hillside Series GDM 4131
15 Tracks 37:06 mins

A few tracks from this 1967 western were previously released on a 1988 Lavagnino western scores compilation, but here the score is given a disc all to itself.
The film, known under the English title of Kill The Wicked! didn't exactly star any household names - Larry Ward & Robert Mark anyone? but maestro Lavagnino provided a capable accompaniment, commencing with the uptempo song "The Price of Gold," performed by Roberto Matano. Many of the musical elements usually associated with the genre feature in subsequent tracks, including much suspense and some welcome, but rare, galloping action. Tracks of particular note include "Tenerezza a Cavalcata," with its opening harmonica refrain, which gives way to whistler, before galloping toward a suspenseful conclusion; "Momento Romantico," with its shimmering organ solo; the hauntingly delicate romance of "Cow-Boy Innamorato;" its reprise in "Ricordo di un Amore Perduto;" and its more showdown-like incarnation in "Notturno Malinconico."
After a brief whistled reprise of the opening song, the final track "Sfida Mortale" proceeds down a rather dissonant path to its conclusion, leaving one somewhat unsatisfied.
In conclusion, not the greatest Italian Western score album by any means, with an over reliance on the more suspenseful material, but it does have its moments, and maybe the film itself just didn't allow Lavagnino much scope for creating truly memorable music.
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