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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales
Music by Yury Poteyenk
KeepMoving Records KMRCD 002 (Russia)
16 Tracks 60:33 mins

Dipping into KeepMoving's back catalogue now and here's another orchestral score from Yury Poteyenko, this time for the 2005 Akella video game Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales.
"Hymn of the Corsairs" opens the disc in bold, fanfarish fashion, with choir joining along the way. The French horns, so prominent in the opening track, once more lead the way in "Caribbean Archipelago," which reprises the main theme and speaks of high adventure. And those horns and that main theme are never far away throughout, returning after "Morning Breeze" starts lightly on strings, with choir rejoining for a powerful conclusion. The first real action music arrives in "Fierce Close Fight," with choir joining in the fray. The following "Island Colony" is predominantly a much more peaceful affair, introducing a catchy little melody, but with powerful intrusions from the brass. "Approach of the Storm" is initially becalmed, but hints at what is to come and, sure enough a big brassy moment duly arrives, though quickly gives away to lurching strings that suggest sea sickness might be overtaking the crew.
The second action cue, "Mortal Combat," arrives with an opening flourish from timpani and proceeds in rhythmic fashion. "Quiet Bay" is, by contrast, a flowing and peaceful little tune for woodwinds and flutes, which is only briefly interrupted by the brass. The lovely nocturne "Moon Way" follows, opening with an expressive little flute solo; the mood being shattered by the propulsive "To Boarding!" which is given increasing power by the addition of the choir.
"Town Life" slows things down again, with another exotic little tune for woodwinds and flutes, but again with its obligatory brassy moment. This is followed by more action in "Filibuster's Revenge, which has something of the Gladiator about it. Peace is restored with "Sunrise," a gorgeous, welcoming tune, again featuring woodwinds and flutes to the fore.
The penultimate track "Hymn of the Corsairs (Storm Theme)," gradually builds to a reprise of the main theme, with suitably stormy cymbal clashes. Finally, we have the majestic "Boundless Ocean," which transforms the main theme into a kind of uplifting hymn to the sea, and is worth the price of the album alone.
A very nice score then from Poteyenko, and yet another example of the fine orchestral music that can be found in many video games these days.
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