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Friday, March 19, 2010


Days of our Lives
Music by Ken Corday and Brent Nelson
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1123 (US)
Disc 1 - 28 Tracks 53:15 mins
Disc 2 - 33 Tracks

Hard to believe that American daytime soap Days of our Lives has been running for almost half a century now, yet has never made it to UK terrestrial TV. It started out as a half-hour drama in 1965, becoming an hour long 10 year later and its popularity shows no sign of diminishing, with numerous Awards and nominations coming its way over the years.
Following on from his parents, Betty and Ted Corday, the show's Executive Producer is Ken Corday who, along with co-composer D. Brent Nelson is responsible for the music. The results can be divided into two distinct camps: melodic and largely acoustic; and dark dramatic electric guitar and synths; with all of it performed by the composers.
Both these approaches are showcased here, in this the first totally underscore album from the show (an album of music and songs from the show was apparently released in 1965, and reissued in 2005). The melodic material is grouped together on Disc 1, with a few dramatic cues thrown in; whilst the synth stuff is on Disc 2.
Firstly, I have to say that Disc 2 is perhaps purely for the fans, because it is just dire to listen to. How I even sat through it once, I don't know. Having said that, Disc 1 has much to offer, and commences with the brief "Theme from Days of our Lives," by Tommy Boyce, Charlie Albertine and Bobby Hart, complete with spoken introduction. the lovely, acoustic guitar-lead "An Everlasting Love" follows; and then the ethereal "Discovery" with its wordless vocals. Other highlights include the achingly sad "Trying to Remember;" "Veil of Sadness," which transitions from darkness to light; the warm "A Place Called Home;" the hopeful "The Promise;" the innocence of "First Kiss," and, well, "Innocence;" the sad piano of "Broken Heart;" the shimmering "John & Marlena;" the suitably fairytale-like "Theme for a Princess;" the harmonica-lead "Patch;" the romantic piano and guitar of "May I Have This Dance?;" the seductive, sax-lead "On Bended Knee;" the tender "Lay Beside Me;" the ecstatic "Colleen & Santo;" the warm, peaceful guitar of "Sunset Lullaby;" and the closing, bittersweet "For We Shall Meet Again."
I could have done without the dramatic cues spanning tracks 9-14, which really belong on Disc 2, but still there's some pleasant and quite likeable stuff to be heard here.
The accompanying 20-page booklet is a real collector's item for fans of the show, with numerous colour stills of your favourite characters, an introduction by Ric Kohlbeck, and notes from each of the composers.
Get along to for samples and to order your copy.


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