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Sunday, July 20, 2008


The Promotion
Music by Alex Wurman
Lakeshore Records LKS 34015 (US)
22 Tracks 41:10 mins

This recent Sean William Scott/John C. Reilly comedy came and went very quickly at the US box office and so far hasn't surfaced this side of the pond.
The music is by Alex Wurman, who is already becoming a veteran of comedy scoring, and is a pleasant affair, quite minimalistic in style, commencing with the light and bubbly mover "The Donaldson Experience," with its catchy 3-note hook. The same theme or approach is basically at the heart of most everything that follows, most often voiced by piano or woodwinds; the composer putting it through all manner of variations, fast and slow; some with a loungy feel, Elfman style, and some in a variety of dance styles. It all flows very nicely and makes for one of the most melodic, sunniest and charming listens I have come across recently.
The final track on the album, "Four Handed Promotion" appears to be something of a bonus performance, a piano duet, based on the main theme. Quite lovely!


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