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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Meet Dave
Music by John Debney
Varese Sarabande VSD 6906 (EU)
27 Tracks 42:54 mins

If you live in the UK, you will have recently seen trailers on TV for this new Eddie Murphy comedy, in which he plays at least two roles, that of a spaceship, built to resemble a human being, and its tiny captain.
John Debney occasionally breaks away from his typecasting in comedies such as these, notably for The Passion of The Christ and the video game Lair, but it is rare, and I suspect he could score films like Meet Dave in his sleep by now.
Here, Debney's approach is a blend of straight and comedic, with suitably spacey music, featuring awe-filled choir; bursts of heroic action and adventure, again often featuring choir and full orchestra; "Dave's System Check," "Addressing the Crew" being good examples of the somewhat Star Treky approach; whilst "Betrayal/Mini Dave and No 3," "Saved By the Bus" and "Saving Earth" are more in super hero mould; together with lightly comic interludes, very occasionally turning riotous in tracks like "Welcome to Old Navy." There's also a hint of romance here and there, like in the surprisingly airy "Deli Robbers" and the charming "Gina's Painting.
Occasionally, the music turns more modern and beat-driven, like the sultry sax-lead "Gina Runs into Dave," and the more menacing opening of "Evil Dave Blasts Police Station."
"Mini Dave Apologizes" brings impressive calm and nobility after all the adventure, culminating in a fanfarish finish, leading into the concluding "Blast Off and Return, with its suitably big climax.
All in all then, a highly entertaining and undemanding listen.


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