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Friday, July 11, 2008


Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Music by Karl Preusser
Lakeshore Records LKS 340012 (US)
29 Tracks 67:02 mins

With all the computer generated animations coming out these days, it's nice to see that someone still cares enogough to keep the traditional animated movie going. Here we have just such a thing, a handsome fantasy tale concerning gods, dragons, sorcery and of course heroes.
It's nice too that a generous budget was apparently allowed for the score, which features orchestra and choir, together with specialist medieval instruments and credited soloists on violin, woodwinds and percussion.
The composer is a new name to me, 37-year-old, LA-based Karl Preusser, none of whose past credits are familiar, both for film, TV and video; but, as a result of his music here, I have little doubt that we shall be hearing more of him in the future.
Right from the powerful choir and brass of the "Main Title," it is clear that this is a score well worth listening to. The same power and excitement is brought to tracks like the semi-martial "Dragonarmies," the heroic "Fizban's Tale," "Elven Rescue the propulsive "Takhisis and Verminaard," "Escape from the Inn," "Draconian Ambush," "Speaker of the Sun," "Sla Moria" and "Xak Tsaroth," with its wonderful horns-lead opening; all culminating in the splendid two part "Battle of Pax Tharkas."
But it's far from all bluster, with the composer effectively stirring the emotions in the likes of "Homecoming," "The Inn of the Last Home," "Goldmoon & Riverwind, "Sturm is Healed," Forestmaster/Pegasus Ride," "Fall of the Que Shu," "The Resurrection of Goldmoon," and "Tanis and Laurana;" whilst the medieval instruments can best be heard on tracks like "Tasslehoff & Flint," "The Circle is Broken," and "Returning to Solace."
"Qualinesti Hymn" is a track worth noting, a simply gorgeous, but sadly all too brief, choral moment in the score.
I think it's safe to say that if you enjoy the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings scores you will find this generous CD will have plenty to offer.
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