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Monday, June 30, 2008


Sorry I have been awol for more than a week now, due to unforeseen circumstances. Things are likely to remain patchy for a while, but please check back as reviews will appear, and I have a whole heap of things to get through, including the following:-

Soundtracks for new and upcoming movie releases:-

The Edge of Love by Angelo Badalamenti on UCJ
Get Smart by Trevor Rabin (incorporating Irving Szathmary's well-loved theme from the original series) on Varese Sarabande
Wanted by Danny Elfman on Lakeshore Records
Hancock by John Powell on Varese Sarabande
WALL.E by Thomas Newman on Walt Disney Records
Journey to the Center of the Earth by Andrew Lockington on New Line
Meet Dave by John Debney on Varese Sarabande
Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Karl Preusser on Lakeshore
The Promotion by Alex Wurman on Lakeshore

Older Scores:-

La Liceale by Vittorio Pezzolla, coupled with La Liceale nella Classe dei Ripetenti by Gianni Ferrio on Digitmovies
Buffalo Bill by Carlo Rustichelli from the GDM Hillside Series
1000 Dollari sul Nero by Michele Lacerenza, again from GDM Hillside
The Wreck of the Mary Deare by George Duning, coupled with John Green's Twlight of Honor on Film Score Monthly
Joko Invoca dio e Muori by Carlo Savina, again from the GDM Hillside Series

In addition, I'm still hoping to bring you my thoughts on Mark Griskey's music for the video game versions of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, so you can see that there's plenty to look forward to, and more good things are promised.

In the meantime, here's an announcement from Monstrous Movie Music:-

New from Monstrous Movie Music: Your Imagination Presents!

Dear MMM customer,

While you are familiar with our Monstrous Movie Music science fiction and horror soundtracks, my wife Kathleen and I have taken a temporary break from classic film music and are pleased to announce our latest creations!

"Your Imagination Presents" is a CD series of sci-fi musical adventure stories aimed at children 7 and older. It takes children’s audio in an incredible new direction, where the listener gets to be the star of the show by going along on the adventures!

But before you say to yourself, "I don't care about that -- I want more classic monster music!" you might want to give a quick listen to what we've done. Because if you have any kids, grandkids, cousins, nieces, or nephews, or have friends with same and you occasionally need to get them presents, then "Your Imagination Presents" might be right up your musical alley! Here's an mp3 audio sample to give you a taste of what YIP is about:

"Your Imagination Presents" provides a positive alternative to television, video games, and other toys that don’t help foster a child’s creativity and independent thinking. But while "Your Imagination Presents" is thought-provoking and is actually GOOD for kids, the main thing is that it's FUN and EXCITING. And if you love dramatic music, this is a wonderful way of helping to infuse that same love in children, so they don't grow up thinking that music is nothing more than simple songs with dumb lyrics. (How many times can you actually listen to "B-I-N-G-O" without going certifiably insane?) As if that's not enough, you get to expose children to scary monsters, futuristic rocketships, mad scientists, and all sorts of things that make classic sci-fi stories so wonderful!

The music of "Your Imagination Presents" was composed and recorded by Kathleen Mayne, who oversees the music on our MMM film music CDs. The stories and Creativity Booklet were written by David Schecter, who writes those mindnumbingly-detailed liner books for MMM. The cover art and Creativity Booklet illustrations are by Robert Aragon, whose cover art adorns all the MMM releases.

If you visit you can hear more audio samples, find out what makes "Your Imagination Presents" different from all other children's audio, and if you're excited by what you see and hear, you can order directly from our website.

Our first two CDs, “Space Flight to the Unknown” and “Mystery Island,” are on sale now. The price of each CD is $14.95 plus shipping. We can take orders by phone, fax, e-mail, PayPal, etc.

Your Imagination Presents
P. O. Box 4445
Chatsworth, CA 91313
U. S. A.
(818) 886-8863 or (800) 788-0892
FAX: (818) 886-8820


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