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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I Giganti Della Tessaglia
Music by Carlo Rustichelli
Digitmovies CDDM108 (Italy)
30 Tracks 74:05 mins

For their eighth volume of Italian Peplum scores, Digitmovies present the complete score for Riccardo Freda's 1960 film I Giganti Della Tessaglia, based on the Greek saga of Jason and the Argonauts.
The album gets off to a fine start with "Apparizione," which presents the heroic main theme, a slow march, featuring male choir. The film's luscious love theme then makes an appearance, enhanced by female choir, before the march returns to conclude the track. The march receives further variations throughout the subsequent score, including a fine ceremonial piece in "Il Vello D'Oro" and the powerful, turbulent action of "Mare in Tempesta," and the dramatic and somewhat tragic "Pioggia e Profezia di Abante;" as well as quieter versions in the likes of "Alla Deriva."
For its part, the love theme receives a more delicate, dreamy variation in "Sognando il Vello."
Here and there, vibraphone and Hammond organ add an otherwordly colour to the score, as in "Vendetta and the lengthy "Giasone Conquista Il Vello D'Oro;" and there are exciting action cues, such as ""Giasone Contro La Strega e Rebellione," "Combattimento Con Polifemo" and "La Vendetta Di Giasone." A plaintive theme, voiced by violin and clarinet, appears in "T'Attendero," and there is a furious exotic dance in "Ali Danzati." The main theme returns to end the score in fine style in "Apoteosi."
Two bonus tracks conclude the disc, the first, a stereo mix of "Combattimento Con Polifemo; the second, an alternate version of the finale.
The score was recorded in mono and holds up pretty well for its age, though there is some distortion in some tracks. It is nonetheless an entertaining score and well worth checking out.
The accompanying booklet, as susual, features colour stills and original poster artwork from the film, together with introductory notes by Claudio Fuiano and Stefan Schlegel. Visit

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