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Friday, July 04, 2008


Music by John Powell
Varese Sarabande VSD6908 (EU)
20 Tracks 44:43 mins

This latest big Will Smith action comedy drama mix sees him play an alcoholic super hero, whose heroics often lead to disastrous consequences, before he saves the life of Jason Bateman's character, who sets out to clean up his act and improve his public image.
The score is provided by the dependable John Powell, and combines orchestra with rock and blues elements, resulting in yet another winner, filled with a good share of his trademark action music, starting off with the opening "SUV Chase," which achieves quite a "big and bad" sound, and following up with plenty of fireworks and heroics in the likes of "Train Disaster," "To War," "I Really Hate That Word," and "Hollywood Blvd;" with just a few lighter, comic touches here and there, as in "The Kiss" and "Indestructible."
But this is a multi-faceted score and there are a good many quieter, more sensitive moments, reflecting Hancock's difficulties in fitting in with society, his therapy, and his eventual new-found sense of belonging, with the acoustic guitar-lead "Mary Brings Meatballs" and a theme first heard in "Getting Therapy" and reprised later on, particularly nice, reflecting a gradually emerging warmth towards the character, as he begins to overcome his demons and win over the people.
Things take a darker turn however in "Mortal" and the opening of "Death and Transfiguration," before Hancock emerges triumphant, with the "Getting Therapy" theme leading into the feel-good concluding track "The Moon and The Superhero."


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