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Monday, December 17, 2007


Martian Child
Music by Aaron Zigman
Sony Classical 88697-10889-2 (US)
30 Tracks 54:34 mins

Recorded a while back, but with the film only just making cinema screens, Aaron Zigman's score for this New Line release, based on David Gerrold's award-winning short story, and starring the Cusack siblings and Amanda Peet, is a mix of soft and sentimental and positive movers, often quite whimsical and somewhat folksy, in a Thomas Newman way, with a mystical Eastern slant. The main theme is quite memorable, but although it starts strongly on this album, it isn't really then given its head until the closing tracks, where the Barryesque string section is really allowed to soar.
Where it also can be compared to Thomas Newman's scores is in the number of brief tracks that make up the album, making for a similarly disjointed listening experience on CD. I'm sure however, as with the majority of Newman's scores, it is nevertheless highly effective on film, providing the right emotions in this tale of a sci-fi writer and the boy he adopts, who may or may not be a Martian.

Uomini e No
Music by Ennio Morricone
Digitmovies CDDM 096 (Italy)
12 Tracks 45:04 mins

This World War II-set tale features music from Maestro Morricone, only one track of which (the opening cue on this release) has been previously released, and so this is a very welcome addition to the composer's catalogue of recordings. Said track begins the score with a very dramatic opening before developing into a march theme that gradually increases in power and desperation. This theme, plus a rather tragic love theme dominate the score and account for practically all the music on this composer-approved CD, which is taken from the original stereo session tapes, stored all these year's in the C.A.M. archives.
Both themes receive varied treatments, with differing instruments taking the lead, particularly on the love theme, which is yet another achingly beautiful compositions by Morricone.
Accompanying the CD is the usual colourful booklet, with stills and artwork from the film, together with Claudio Fuiano's introductory notes.


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