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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The Silver Chalice
Music by Franz Wazxman
Film Score Monthly Volume 10 Number 11 (US)
Disc 1 - 17 tracks 79:49 mins Disc 2 - 26 tracks 47:12 mins

Having only previously been available as a re-recording from Elmer Bernstein's Film Music Collection of selections from the score (also available from FSM), it is great to finally have Waxman's acclaimed original score in all its glory, and almost complete, despite the original stereo masters being long since lost, albeit with a few tracks only being available with effects present.
Released in 1954, the film's then young star, Paul Newman, has famously disowned it and it's true that it does not compare to some of the biblical efforts of the period, being stylistically very different, using very spare settings. And Waxman's music perhaps lacks some of the bells and whistles of a Rozsa or Newman epic score, but it's still fine music all the same and has plenty to enjoy, from its beautiful love theme, powerful and at times reverent religious music, drawing on the work of great liturgical masters like J.S. Bach, and a good lengthy action sequence. Indeed, so highly regarded was the score at the time that the Library of Congress requested the composer's original sketches, and a lengthy article even featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.
In addition to the score as heard in the film, this 2-disc set also includes music for deleted scenes and even temporary cues recorded before scenes had been shot. All this and the usual colourful and informative booklet, with notes and cue-by-cue guide by Lukas Kendall.
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