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Monday, December 03, 2007


Manzie Promo Out

The Film Music of Jim Manzie, Vol. 1
Perseverance Records PRP 022

Dear Collectors,

I am very excited! Part One of my labor of love is out: The Film
Music of Jim Manzie, Volume 1, was picked up from the pressing plant
on Wednesday. It came out great!!! This first anthology comprises a
cross section of seven of this underrated composer's body of work.

Since this is a promo, with the majority of the batch going to the
composer and the directors of the films represented on the CD, we are
only able to sell 250 copies here. So when they're gone, they're gone!

I am still working on getting sound files uploaded, so you can hear
some samples for yourselves. But trust me, this CD rocks!

This CD contains excerpts from Jim Manzie's scores to:
Blood Surf aka Krocodylus
The Life and Times of Eddie Presley
Leatherface - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre III
Lurking Fear
Pumpkinhead 2
The Escape Clause
The Story Tellers

To order click here: <

Another composer signing

Dark Delicacies, Burbank, CA
December 8, 2007, 2-4pm

After the big success of the first soundtrack signing, we have
decided to do a second one.

This time, composers Donald Rubinstein (Martin/ Pollock), Paul
Hertzog (Bloodsport), Jim Manzie (The Film Music of Jim Manzie, Vols.
1 and 2), and Phillip Lambro (Crypt of the Living Dead, Murph the
Surf and The Film Music of Phillip Lambro) will be at hand to sign
your CDs. Also confirmed is Stan Bush of Bloodsport and The
Transformers fame. He will be signing Bloodsport CDs as well as his
own new album In This Life with the two Transformer bonus tracks.

Please note that both volumes of Jim Manzie's promos will be sold at
this signing, whereas the second volume won't be available on the Web
site for another two months. They are limited to 250 copies each.

Available exclusively at this event will be the brand new compilation
The Film Music of Phillip Lambro, which won't hit the Web site until
January 2008, and stores even later.

For more information click here.

First Release of 2008:

Mutant by Richard Band (expanded)
Perseverance Records PRD 024

Although we were having some initial problems with the master tapes
from Richard BAnd, it is now official: This expanded release will
contain circa 15 more minutes of previously unreleased music. The
tapes were in really bad shape, but we are having Chas Ferry, our
engineer, working on it, so that you can enjoy this great score with
the sound quality you have to come to expect from Perseverance Records.

Until the next time. Good listening,

Robin Esterhammer
Perseverance Records


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