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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sex and the Single Girl/The Chapman Report
Music by Neal hefti/Music by Leonard Rosenman
Film Score Monthly Vol.10 No.13 (US)
25 Tracks 67:18 mins

FSM continues its series of CD premieres of scores only previously available on LP with two highly tuneful and enjoyable scores of the '60s.
First up is Sex and the Single Girl, released in 1964 and based on Helen Gurley Brown's best seller of the same name, although the book had no plot and therefore the studio had to construct one. Starring Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda and Lauren Bacall, this was Hefti's first foray into film. he of course went on to write popular scores for The odd Couple and Barefoot in the Park, not to mention his famous theme for the Adam west Batman series. This soundtrack is very much along the same lines, a delightful mix of jazz grooves and easy listening pop, some light and uptempo, others more melancholy. Fran Jeffries adds her vocals to the film's director Richard Quine's slinky title song and later jazzes up the ever-popular "Anniversary Song" by Saul Chaplin and Al Jolson.
I have never really cottoned on to the music of Leonard Rosenman. A lot of it sounds the same to me, although it invariably serves the picture's needs. His music for 1962's The Chapman Report, a film which follows the romantic encounters of four women taking part in a Kinseyesque research project, and which stars Shelley Winters, Claire Bloom, Glynis Johns and Jane Fonda, is however a little different than much of his serious film work, although it does contain familiar trademark atonalities. His "Main Title Theme" is a driving jazz piece, akin to Elmer Bernstein's Man with the Golden Arm, and there are other jazzy moments throughout, some uptempo and dramatic, some quietly threatening, along with some more intimate orchestral moments, dance numbers and a hint of comedy as well. The whole blends well to make for probably the most listenable Rosenman score I have thus far encountered.
Both LPs were, as was the custom at the time, re-recordings, and have been remixed for the highest stereo quality. The Chapman Report LP concluded with arrangements of Ronsenman's themes for East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause and are featured here also, concluding the disc following a newly discovered alternate take on the title theme.
As always, an informative booklet accompanies the CD, with new notes and cue-by-cue guide by album producer Lukas Kendall, together with the original LP liner notes. Go to for further details, samples and of course to purchase your copy.


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