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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Comin' At Ya!
Music by Carlo Savina
GDM Hillside series 4108
21 Tracks 50:16 mins

Back around the beginning of the 1980s, another attempt was made at popularising movies made in 3-D. One of a handful of films made at this time was a late entry in the Italian Western genre, Comin' At Ya! which starred Tony Anthony of Blindman fame, and which fired bullets, arrows and spears at its audience. Unfortunately the attempt failed and only now are overtures being made (Beowulf) to try 3-D again.
Veteran Italian Western composer Carlo Savina got the Comin' At Ya! gig and produced probably the last great genre score. It's a rather melancholy affair, with a harmonica-lead main theme, courtesy of the redoubtable Franco De Gemini, and a tragi-love theme, voiced by the equally great Edda Dell'Orso. These themes appear in variations throughout the score, sometimes hand in hand, and there are also moments of high drama and conflict, plus source guitar cues and even a brief one for bagpipes. My favourite cue is "Carried Away," which opens with some of that dramatic conflict music before developing into galloping variations on the main theme, which generate a good deal of excitement. A fine score then, which no fan of Italian Western music should be without.
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