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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

CD REVIEW - Primeval

Music by John Frizzell
Advance Score CD
18 Tracks 31:20 mins

Not to be confused with the ITV series of the same name, which debuts on British TV this coming Saturday, Frizzell's music is for Michael Katleman's feature, released by Touchstone in the U.S.A. on January 12th, which is based on the true story of a giant crocodile that killed hundreds of people in war-torn Burundi.
Frizzell travelled to South Africa, where he utilised Cape Town's finest to assemble a library of over 800 sound clips, which served as source music. Some of this can be heard in the score selections present on the advance disc kindly supplied by Costa Communications, particularly the powerful Burundian drumming, heard in "Shaman's Blessing." And African choral music can be heard in "Happy Village,"as well as a subtle vocal on the concluding "Flying Home."
The majority of the score, the orchestra for which was recorded in Prague, is suspenseful and quite eerie at times, though there are suitably menacing moments, and exciting action cues late on, the driven "Lekker Fish," "I Hate Africa" and "Mr. T vs. Mr. Man," which are rhythmic and percussive. Electronics also make their presence felt in "Matt Gets Killed."
There is unfortunately at this time no word as to whether a commercial soundtrack album will be released, but it is to be hoped that one will be forthcoming.


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