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Friday, February 02, 2007


Music by Patrick Doyle
Varese Sarabande VSD 6775 (EU)
15 Tracks 34:57 mins

Patrick Doyle's score for this African-set drama is quite brief at under half-an-hour if you don't count his 6-minute piano suite at the end of the disc.
It all starts off quite minimalistic, with Doyle's opening theme, in "Swaziland," tinged with sadness against a flowing pianistic backing. This theme continues through the next three tracks, before "The Key" errupts into full tragedy, which again continues in the following "The Shooting." Some optimism is introduced in the brief, but warm "Fabulous News," and this continues through "Monica." "Goodbye Swaziland" is the first of two tracks to feature the Mathakoza Sibiyu Choir, but they are here preceeded by an optimistic new theme. "Independence" continues in positive mode," before sadness returns with "Months to Live" and "Harry Dies." The choir's second cue is the hymn-like "Ngatsi Ngisahamba," which is followed by the concluding score track proper, "Please Forgive Me," which develops the warm music introduced in "Fabulous News," to end the score on a happy note. The aforementioned piano suite, with the composer himself featuring, gathers together the main thematic material to close the disc in satisfying manner.


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