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Monday, January 29, 2007

CD REVIEWS - Country Rock & Country Chill

Country Rock
Extreme Music XCD132
Music by Sonny Tan, Steve Ronsen & Nick Nolan
18 Tracks 66:44 mins

Country Chill
Extreme Music XCD133
Music by Sonny Tan, Nick Nolan, Sly Silver & 'Dakota' Matt Cheadle & Owen 'The Kid' Thomas
14 Tracks 51:31 mins

If you're looking for modern country stylings for your contemporary Americana film, or even a modern-day treatment of an old western story, there may well be something to interest you here.
I used to listen to a couple of country music radio programmes every week until I was receiving so much good screen music to review that something had to give. I must say that my preferences was for country music of the '80s and early '90s, much of the modern rock/pop sound passing me by, but I have to say that Country Rock perfectly captures that modern style and would actually make a good commercial album in its own right. Every track has something to offer, including four vocals, "Runnin' from the Law," an uptempo mover, presumably voiced by Ronsen, an uncredited female vocal on "Good 'ta Go," plus two more Ronsen contributions - all of which could I believe hold their own in the country singles charts. Instrumental versions of these songs are also included on the disc, along with some fine instrumental tracks, like the badass "Cattle 'n' Hum," "Bang fer Bucks," with its catchy intro, the outlaw mover "Rebel Heart," the fast moving "Beat the Dutch," the hinky-tonker "Big Fiddy," the more easy-going "Unreal McCoy," the bouncy "Dixie Tease," the swaggering "Hard 'n' Fard," and "Redneck Rumble," a Dukes of Hazzard-style chase.
Country Chill by contrast, though still contemporary, is much more varied. There are some nice slow dances like "Mild Mild West," "Mustang Valley" and "Hollow Willow," some good catchy movers like "Magnificent Heaven," "Blue Grit" and "Low Noon," the sensitive, Hill Street Blues-like "All Down But Nine," the Brokeback Mountain-styled "Zone Ranger," and the down-home sound of "North Forty." Other tracks like the downbeat "Widow Maker" and threatening slide of "Tombstone Twang" are less enjoyable to listen to, but certainly atmospheric.
Incidentally, if you care to go to, you can view the lyrics to the Country Rock vocals.


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I like this music but can't find this CD. Please help me to buy this CD. thx my mail is

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Blogger Dmitry said...

I like this music but can't find this CD. Please help me to buy this CD. thx

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