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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CD REVIEW - Urban Drops

Urban Drops
Music by Pryde, Dr. Jawn & Dropstarz
Extreme Music XCD 135
16 Tracks 58:31 mins

Concluding my roundup of recent releases kindly sent to me by Extreme Music is this collection of tracks, which I would describe as modern hip hop meets blaxploitation. Some of the selections are very modern sounding, whilst others remind me more of the '70s Shaft kind of thrillers.
The opening "Flirty Sanchez," a big and bad strider, I would put in that category. This is followed by the interesting "Banned Land," with its Pink Pantherish piano figure over a propulsive backbeat, with added female vocal group. Other highlights, for me, are the travelling groove "Homecoming Queen," the badass stroller "Buzzle my Nizzle, and the rhythmic "Up for the Get Down" and "Shugga Tits." Finally, another interesting one, "Ridin' Dirty," a walking groove with otherwordly synth over, which comes straight from the '50s sci-fi days.
Unfortunately, as the disc progresses, it all begins to sound a bit repetitive, but you might just find what you're looking for here if you're after some cool, funky tracks for your urban thriller.
Remember, these recordings are for professional use only and not for sale to the general public, but if you're in the business, you'd do well to check out the website at


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