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Saturday, June 03, 2006

CD REVIEW - The Promise

The Promise
Music by Klaus Badelt
Epic SB5004BC (Korea)
20 Tracks 73:10 mins

Klaus Badelt, normally associated with the Media Ventures sound, has produced a sumptuous orchestral score for this far eastern historical epic. A generous 73 minutes of music is performed by the China National Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Li Xincao and quite a few of the tracks are pretty lengthy, which normally makes for some lapses of concentration in the listener, but I must say I found Badelt's development of his thematic material constantly interesting and rarely did I find my attention straying.
The weighty main theme and sweeping love theme in particular dominate the score, though there are some exciting and powerful action moments, often drum heavy, but in amongst the sweep and power, there are always more intimate moments for solo violin and flutes, performed by Li Chuayun and Li Huanan respectively. And Hang Yue tellingly adds her vocals to the mix. Overall, Badelt has done a remarkable job of capturing an authentic far eastern sound and if you liked the scores for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero, I think it's safe to say you will enjoy this as well.
The CD comes with a highly colourful glossy foldout sleeve, with plenty of stills from the film and a note from director Chen Kaige.
There's some wonderful music coming from China, Japan and Korea these days as my reviews of The Promise, Yamato and Soul of the Ultimate Nation will attest to. I obtained all three from YesAsia, but I believe that, like Soul, The Promise can now be easily purchased from the usual soundtrack retailers.


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