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Monday, May 29, 2006

CD REVIEW - LES NOTES DE LECRAN - The best of French film music VOL.2 + A Special Offer from Perseverance Records

LES NOTES DE LECRAN - The best of French film music VOL.2
Music by Vladimir Cosma
Cinefonia Records CFSAMP002
30 Tracks 77:32 mins

This second volume features two scores from 1983 by Vladimir Cosma, who seldom disappoints with his melodic gifts and these scores are no exception. The album commences with L'Homme du Suez, for which Cosma composed an epic sounding string theme, with just a hint of the Middle East about it. It is first heard played straight over the title track and much of the rest of the score features variations on this theme, with the highlights being the playful, pizzicato version in "Rondeau du Petit Prince;" "Appel du Sud," with the addition of weighty timpani; the propulsive "Galop des sables; the somewhat romantic "Les heures bucolques," with prominent woodwinds; the busy "Soleil d'Egypte;" and a couple of action variations in "Tocsin pour un fleau" and the concluding "Allegro du canal." Much of the rest of the cues are either infectious source dances, including a waltz, a quadrille and a polka; or firmly Middle Eastern, including an affecting female lament in "Melopee du Nil." The main theme is extremely memorable, and it never outstays its welcome throughout the many variations thereon presented here.
The second score on the disc is La Chambre des Dames, which commences with a lovely ballad, "Pour L'amour," co-composed with Carola Pimper, and performed in French by Annick Thoumazeau. Lovely instrumental renditions of this theme are then presented in the title track and the concluding "Theme de Philippe;" with an interesting organ-lead version in "Aude et Thomas." Cosma's equally memorable secondary theme is first heard in a dramatic and purposeful arrangement in "Theme de Guillaume," followed immediately by a tender variation in "Come et Marie; " and a rather more formal one in "Guillaume et Florie." Both themes receive variations, either solo or in combination, in the remaining tracks, with just "Pelerinage pour Saint-Jean de Compastelle," a somewhat bleak, organ-lead theme providing anything different thematically.
As with Volume 1, the disc is presented in a gatefold digipack and is highly recommended for those who like their music melodic.

From: "Perseverance Records"

Dear collectors,

In order to make room for new inventory, we are offering you a special deal. If you order before June 19, 2006, we will pay the shipping (for US and Canadian customers only. International customers pay only $2 + $.50 per additional CD instead of the regular $5).

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PRP 001 Prince Valiant by David Bergeaud
The last copies of this epic, symphonic score are still available.
This promotional CD was limited to 1,000 pressings, 400 of which went to the composer.
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PRD 002 Dr. Phibes Rises Again by John Gale
The only score from this composer, opulent and with a nod to everything from Tchaikovsky to ballroom music. Includes the only known recording of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as performed by Vincent Price.
ORDER ______ units; price $17, (license expires, no repressing)

PRD 003 Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Denny Zeitlin
The lone score by acclaimed jazz pianist Denny Zeitlin, composed for the 1978 version directed by Philip Kaufman. The riveting jazz score, which Pauline Kael called "dazzling", is complemented by a 30-minute-plus interview with the composer that explains why this is the artist's only film score.
ORDER ______ units; price $17, (license expires, no repressing)

PRD 004 The Abominable Dr. Phibes by Basil Kirchin
The acclaimed experimental composer Basil Kirchin wrote this avant-garde music to Vincent Price's first outing as the evil doctor in the vein of Hans-Werner Henze and Krzysztof Penderecki.
ORDER ______ units; price $17, 150 copies left

PRD 005 The Deadly Spawn by Michael Perilstein
Okay, the film was not great, but A LOT of people saw it and agree on one point: One of its strongest factors was the electronic score written and performed by Michael Perilstein, who composed a new 12-minute suite specifically for this release.
ORDER ______ units; price $17, 330 copies left

PRD 006 The Punisher by Dennis Dreith
Finishing off the album is a 30-minute interview with the composer and director Mark Goldblatt, exclusive to this CD, that goes into depth about the relationship and the collaboration between the two creative minds, as well as how a composer generally works on a picture. Also available as an SACD.
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PRD 007 Loch Ness by Trevor Jones
Our best seller. This lush, romantic score by Trevor Jones ("The Dark
Crystal", "The Last of the Mohicans", "Dark City") is a favourite among soundtrack collectors and has been on many a want list.
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PRD 008 The Least Worst of Michael Perilstein by Michael Perilstein
An eclectic collection of music from various films, all written by the "Deadly Spawn" composer. Everything from electronic to blues is featured. A great way to get to know this composer's body of work.
ORDER ______ units; price $12

PRD 009 Crypt of the Living Dead by Phillip Lambro
The first in a series of film scores by the acclaimed concert hall composer. Digitally restored from the original session tapes, this release sparkles not only acoustically, but also comes with a beautiful 16-page booklet, which offers insights into the composer's process.
ORDER ______ units; price $17, 510 copies left, (no repressing)

PRD 010 Remo Williams by Craig Safan
This long-awaited release of the classic film score from the composer of "The Last Starfighter" is sure to be a hit. Reserve your copies, as this title is limited to 3,000 units. Almost 70 minutes of music.
ORDER ______ units; price $19, release date June 20, 2006

PRD 011 Gag by Dennis Dreith
"Punisher" composer Dreith worked a lot with the sound designers on this current horror thriller, due this summer in theatres, to create a score rich in atmosphere and as dark as the villain's soul. Not for the weak of heart! Features the exclusive end title song "Tie Me Up" by Harley Krishna. Limited to 500 pressings.
ORDER ______ units; price $15, release date June 20, 2006

PRD 012 Dark Skies by Michael Hoenig with additional music by Mark Snow
Former Tangerine Dream member Michael Hoenig's first album in eighteen years! This much-asked-for album features almost an hour of music from the electronic guru. Also included is a 12-minute suite of music from the unaired, original pilot (a version only seen in the UK) by Emmy-winning "X-Files" composer Mark Snow.
ORDER ______ units; price $18, release date July 18, 2006

PRD 013 The Prophecy by David Williams
This highly-anticipated album was digitally re-mastered by the composer himself. David gets a lot of requests for this score, which is now finally available in its entirety on this world-premiere recording.
ORDER ______ units; price $18, release date July 18, 2006

PRD 014 Murph, the Surf by Phillip Lambro
The second album in the series of film music from this composer, this fantastic jazz score from the 1970's heist flick starring Robert Conrad and Don Stroud, is available for the first time on CD.
ORDER ______ units; price $18, release date August 15, 2006

PRD 015 The Prophecy 2 by David Williams
The follow-up score to the 1995 cult classic creates new themes while integrating old ones from the first film. Another long-awaited release from this under-represented composer.
ORDER ______ units; price $17, release date September 19, 2006

PRD 016 Kickboxer by Paul Hertzog
We got a lot of requests for this title. Finally, available for the first time ever, the music from the highly successful Jean-Claude van Damme starrer comes to you in full digital glory. Re-mastered under the supervision of the composer.
ORDER ______ units; price $17, release date October 17, 2006

Leatherface - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 by Jim Manzie
The third instalment in this highly successful franchise arguably had the best score in the series. Now, for the first time, available complete in chronological order, is this cult-classic score, which can be purchased only through our Web site. Only 500 CDs will be produced.
PRE-ORDER ______ units; $20, release date November 21, 2006


You may pre-order now to give us a better understanding how many units we should press (unless already stated). YOU JUST NEED TO PAY $10 TO RESERVE YOUR COPY:
Chinatown - The Rejected Score by Phillip Lambro
A digital re-recording, this is the famous score that was tossed out' to be replaced by Jerry Goldsmith's music. Conducted in Prague by the composer.
PRE-ORDER ______ units; $30

Deadly Friend by Charles Bernstein
This promo is limited to 500 CDs. It features the complete orchestral music from the 1986 Wes Craven movie. The original Varese album at the time of the film's initial release contained only the electronic music written for the film. Included is another of our very popular audio interviews, this time with Wes Craven and Charles Bernstein.
This CD is available only through the Perseverance Web site and will not be sold in retail stores.
PRE-ORDER ______ units; $22

The Film Music of Jim Manzie, Vol. 1
The Film Music of Jim Manzie, Vol. 2
Selected from more than twenty of his film scores, the music on these two promotional releases is from such cult films as "Krocodylus" aka "Blood Surf", "Stepfather 2", "Night of the Scarecrow", "Sleepstalker", "My Grandfather Is a Vamppire", "Pumpkinhead II: BloodWings", "Night of the Demons 2", "H.P. Lovecraft's Lurking Fear", "Servants of Twilight", "The Offspring" aka " From a Whisper to a Scream", one of Vincent Price's last movies, and many others. 250 copies each are made available to the collectors around the world.
PRE-ORDER Vol. 1 ______ units; $29
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Sybil by Charles Bernstein
The promotional release of the music to the 2006 CBS movie directed by veteran Joseph Sargent is limited to 200 copies and won't be available in stores.
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