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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CD REVIEW - Dramatic Fantastic

Dramatic Fantastic
Music by Inon Zur, Dori Amarilio & Oded Tzur
Bruton Music Limited BR451 (U.K.)
17 Tracks + 30"s and stings 35:50 mins

As previously reported, Inon Zur has written many of the tracks on this latest collection of music aimed at the Hollywood trailer market, together with contributing composers Dori Amarilio and Oded Tzur. Zur conducts the 80-piece Northwest Sinfonia in 17 exciting compositions, many with choral support and the odd ethnic vocal to boot.
Much of the music is in the historical vein, though the final two tracks on the album are busy contemporary movers. The album starts with the title track, a powerful mix of orchestra, choir and electronics, which is followed by "Dark Hero," which has something of a "Batman" feel about it. The heroic "Neron" follows, with its ethnic female vocal book ending full orchestra and choir. A brief orchestral reprise of the theme follows. "The Fear Within" is full of dark conflict, whilst "Midnight Dance" is a magical waltz, with violin lead, and has an Edward Scissorhands feel about it. "Nightime Magic" is similarly Elfmanesque, with "Friend From Afar" more in the Williams mould - something like Amazing Stories crossed with Superman. Another weighty cue, book ended by ethnic voice is "State of Disaster," with "Defender of the Faith" an unusual but effective blend of martial rhythm and religious choir. "Seven Seas" moves purposefully and heroically, whilst "Pharaohs Curse" presents some Eastern-tinged action writing. Another heroic and purposeful track is "Dark Towers," with "Shadows of Battles" commencing with something of a dark march, which turns to conflict, before marching out again. "Exotic Spies" is an ethnic mover with a mysterious opening. The concluding tracks "Running Into Trouble" and "The Unopened Files" I've already covered.
This is a fine collection of themes, not long enough to outstay their welcome and easy to imagine gracing the latest trailers for a variety of Hollywood epics - makes me want to hear more entries in the series.


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