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Thursday, June 01, 2006

CD REVIEW - Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Blood Money
Music by Jesper Kyd
Sumthing Else SE-2024-2 (U.S.)
16 Tracks 64:36 mins

Following the disappointing Hitman: Contracts which, like the more successful Hitman: Codename 47, was an electronic score, series composer Jesper Kyd is reunited with the Hungarian Radio Choir, with whom he much more successfully collaborated in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. In addition, the Budapost Symphony Orchestra add their talents to a score, which is a combination of all three elements really - orchestra, choir and electronics. And, whilst Hitman 2 remains my favourite of this game series, this score goes some way towards repeating its success.
The generous album commences with a fine, rhythmic orchestra/choral mover in "Apocalypse, which is one of my two favourite tracks, the other being the "Main Title," which strangely closes the album and, after a flowing piano intro, becomes a propulsive electronic track, with choral touches. Other tracks of note are "Hunter," which begins somewhat reflectively, before moving along persistently. Some fine action scoring can be heard at the outset of "47 Attacks" and "Action in Paris," though both descend into rather disappointing electronics. "Amb Zone" is a somewhat weighty drum-driven, choral processional, whilst "Rocky Mountain" moves along nicely and is a fusion of all three musical elements. Apart from the aforesaid "Main Title," the only electronic track that does anything for me is "Trouble in Vegas," which moves along rhythmically.
A patchy listening experience overall but, as I said before, certainly an improvement on Kyd's previous Hitman score.
The accompanying booklet features notes on the game and its music, with comments by the composer, but if you want to learn more go to where you can read an interview with Jesper Kyd on his music for the series.


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