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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Dio Perdona…io No!
Music by Carlo Rustichelli
Digitmovies CDDM051 (Italy)
24 Tracks 54:58 mins

To complete their releases of western scores written by Carlo Rustichelli for director Guiseppe Colizzi, which introduced the acting pairing of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, Digitmovies have here released the complete score for the 1967 film, some of the music for which was previously released on LP in a three score compilation by Phoenix. I never really cared for the score on that release, and having even more music makes it an even more difficult job to sit through.
The main element of the score is quite a catchy and adaptable main theme, which can be quite powerfully rendered with chorus or played on electric guitar, or, as is often the case, on Hammond organ. And that is one of the problems really, there's just too much of that darned organ; that and the fact that so many of the cues are of the menacing, suspenseful kind, with the main theme often only appearing in fits and starts.
As well as this theme, there is a powerful choral "Dies Irae," which is present at both the start and end of the album, as well as sharing duties with the main theme in "Passo Dietro Passo." The only other cues that offer some variety are "Rose," a slow dance for trombone and jazz combo; "Rose (2)," which is typical fiddle-lead saloon music composed for this genre; and "Il Funerale," a jazzy funeral march, more likely to be heard in the streets of New Orleans.
Not my favourite Italian Western score then, but they can't all be classics, can they? And fans of the genre will no doubt still wish to snap up a copy of this fine stereo sounding CD, which, as always, is accompanied by the usual colourful booklet, with stills and poster artwork, synopsis, cast and credits, and Claudio Fuiano's guide to the film and its music.


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