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Monday, April 24, 2006

CD REVIEW - Senza Sapere Niente di Lei

Senza Sapere Niente di Lei
Music by Ennio Morricone
Digitmovies CDDM050 (Italy)
14 Tracks 50:50 mins

With all these first-time releases and expanded editions of Ennio Morricone's scores, gradually we are getting to have recordings of just about every score he has ever written - and that's no mean feat, with all the music composed during his illustrious career.
Having thoroughly explored the Giallo music of Bruno Nicolai, Digitmovies are now turning their attention to Morricone's music for the same genre. Senza Sapere Niente di Lei dates from 1969 and is a score largely consisting of variations on one waltz-like theme which, though quite catchy, would eventually have outstayed its welcome but for the composer's unusual decision to intersperse four tracks from the never completed film Lui per Lei, dating from 1970. These four tracks are all that survive of that score and are a mix of mysterious movers and experimental atonal music.
But, returning to the album's title score, in addition to the variations on the main theme, three of the remaining four cues from the score consist of mysterious music, with "Frammenti D'Estasi" being the most interesting, with its child-like, repetitive theme. The "Finale," which closes both score and disc, is quite a sunny mover, featuring a mixed vocal group.
As always with Digitmovies releases, the accompanying booklet features stills from the film, plus original poster art, cast, credits and synopsis, as well as Claudio Fuiano's guide to both the film and the music.


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