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Thursday, April 20, 2006

CD REVIEW - Black plus news from HUGEsound & Top Dollar PR

Music by Michael Giacchino & Chris Tilton
Nettwerk Records 06-7003059152
15 Tracks 36:39 mins

Available as a download from iTunes or from Nettwerk themselves, this videoo game score features a powerful main theme co-composed by veteran game music composer Michael Giacchino and his long-time assistant Chris Tilton. This theme features throughout the score, which is written by Tilton and which features a number of exciting action cues like "A Bridge Too Close," "Black and Boom," "Bunker Buster," and the pacy "Madhouse Mayhem," whilst flowing cues like "Gulag Gauntlet," "Treneska Border Crossing" and "Walking Tour of Treneska" generate a good deal of tension. Of course there are a number of suspenseful moments in between, but it's the action music that shines. The score concludes with an expanded version of the main theme, featuring an extended elegiac horn solo at the start.
Yet another quality game score from the Giacchino/Tilton team.

6th Annual HUGEsound Half-Dome Conquest


Veteran game music composer Chance Thomas (X-Men, King Kong, Lord of the Rings) announces the 6th Annual HUGEsound Half-Dome Conquest. The event will be held on Friday June 16, 2006 with participants ascending to the top of Half-Dome peak, a nearly 9,000 foot sheer granite monolith rising in the heart of Yosemite National Park.

The HUGEsound Half-Dome Conquest is open to anyone willing to test their mettle against the mountain, with a special invitation/challenge extended to the game development community.

The HUGEsound route ascends the mountain from its sloping side rather than straight up the North face. "It's not a technical climb at all," says Thomas. "From the base of the mountain we head up the pitched East side using cables installed by the National Park Service. Then we rappel back down after basking in the view from the top. Any healthy person with good arm and leg strength can do it."

En route to the base of the mountain, participants climb to the top of two stunning waterfalls, follow the path of the Merced River, and hike through miles of giant high Sierra timber.

Foot distance covered is approx. 16 miles, there and back again. The National Park Service's official statement reads that this is a "very strenuous hike" and should only be attempted by those in good physical condition.

Those wishing to participate can send an email request for information or RSVP to Please type "Half-Dome" in the subject heading.

About HUGEsound

HUGEsound is a full-service audio production company. HUGEsound features the critically acclaimed and multiple award-winning music services of composer Chance Thomas. HUGEsound also offers a full range of audio post-production services through the HUGEsound NetworkT of affiliated sound designers, voice casting agents, engineers and studios. For more information, please visit:



Game Industry's Leading Full Service Audio Production Company Provides
Sounds for Latest PC Game Hits including Gods & Heroes: Rome RisingT,
Rise of Nations: Rise of LegendsT and Guild Wars FactionsT

Redmond, Washington, April 18th, 2006 - Omni Interactive Audio ( - a leading full service audio production company for the interactive entertainment industry - today revealed they have created the immersive soundtracks for several new computer game titles including: Gods & Heroes: Rome RisingT (Perpetual Entertainment / Platform Publishing), Rise of Nations: Rise of LegendsT (Big Huge Games / Microsoft Game Studios) and Guild Wars FactionsT (ArenaNet / NCsoft).

Co-founded by former Senior Audio Director at Electronic Arts Seattle, Alistair Hirst and Senior Sound Artist Robert Ridihalgh, with a veteran team of audio producers featuring noted sound designers, composers and recording engineers from both the video game and record industries, Omni Interactive Audio provides music, sound effects and voice production services for AAA computer and video game titles. By contracting out audio work to Omni, game companies are able to take advantage of their large team with a broad range of expertise and experience, including all technical aspects of integrating and mixing the audio in-game.

Among their latest high-profile soundtrack projects is the hotly anticipated online action role-playing game Gods & Heroes: Rome RisingT (, developed by Perpetual Entertainment, for which Omni was commissioned to create an original musical score in addition to creating and implementing the sound effects and voiceovers. "Writing and producing the music for this game has been a fantastic experience," said Hirst. "We have created a sweeping score to match the gorgeous landscapes in the game, and big exciting battle music cues for the epic squad based battles."

For the upcoming fantasy-based Real-Time-Strategy game Rise of LegendsT (, the successor to Rise of NationsT developed by Big Huge Games, Omni were responsible for creating, integrating and mixing all the sound effects, as well as audio post production for the game's cinematics. Bryan Reynolds, President of Big Huge Games, commented," Omni has been fantastic. They came out and worked closely with us to establish a sound design we were all happy with, and then we were able to just turn them loose with our sound tools and they did a great job with very little intervention needed on our part."

Guy Whitmore, Audio Director, Microsoft Game Studios: Studio RX, added, "Where most sound design houses stop short, Omni follows through to the end. The fact that they have extensive experience with game audio integration and scripting makes them worth their weight in gold! With Omni, gone are the days of throwing audio over the fence to a developer; they work closely with developers to ensure a great sound design and audio mix. Plus, they simply create excellent sounds."

Building on their previous sound effects work for Guild WarsT (, the best selling multiplayer action-RPG from developer ArenaNet, the upcoming stand-alone expansion pack Guild Wars FactionsT will also feature original sound effects and cinematic audio post-production provided by Omni. This is the second game from ArenaNet, which was founded by some of the key members of the creative teams behind the hit games Warcraft®, StarCraft® and Diablo®, and the creators of®. Guild Wars FactionsT will be available in stores worldwide on April 28, 2006.

About Omni Interactive Audio

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, Guild Wars Factions, Guild Wars, Halo 2, Men Of Valor, The Sims 2 and five versions of Need For Speed are just some of the games where you can hear the soundtrack work of Omni Interactive Audio. When major developers and publishers like ArenaNet, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, NCsoft and Vivendi-Universal are looking for creative sound design with impact, music that hits the mark, voice work that speaks to you, and a team that smoothly puts it all together and into the game, including a polished final mix, they have turned to Omni Interactive Audio. For more information on Omni Interactive Audio visit

The names of products mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.


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