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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

CD REVIEW - Date Movie

Date Movie
Music by David Kitay
27 Tracks 33:11 mins

Date Movie, a spoof on the hit rom-coms of recent years, starring Allyson Hannigan and Eddie Griffin, has been doing good business at the U.S. box office by all accounts. Veteran of the said rom-com genre David Kitay, who by now can surely write this stuff in his sleep, provides incidental music for the film. There's no official CD release for the score and frankly with many of the cues being brief affairs, just underlining the comedic moments, it doesn't surprise me. Besides, historically, one usually gets a song compilation CD, with a couple of score tracks included if you're lucky. In this case not, as Lakeshore have just released the songs it seems.
Kitay's music for this film pushes all the right buttons, with some nice, warm and tender romanticism, with sensitive piano and harp, dreamy waltzes, innocent music box tunes, and plenty of frantic comedy moments, with just the odd hint of menace. Bouncy ethnic-styled music seems likely to have accompanied the spoofing of something like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, whilst we also have Psycho-like stabbing strings, '70s grooves and even percussive jungle rhythms. There's something for just about anyone's taste.


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