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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Music by Nathan Wang and Gary Chase
Guts Records RXCD006 (Hong Kong)
19 Tracks 60:50 mins

I'd love there to be an international release for this soundtrack to the latest Jackie Chan adventure. I know nothing about the film, save what can be gleaned from the many full colour stills present in the accompanying booklet (unfortunately the text isn't in English), but it appears to have an historical setting.
What I do know is that Wang and Chase's music is very exciting, at times written in the Media Ventures style, at others more traditionally Oriental in style. As one would expect from a Jackie Chan movie, there must be plenty of action, as so many cues are of this variety. In fact, just too many to go into their merits individually. Suffice it to say if you enjoy heroic, propulsive, sometimes percussion based action music, you'll lap this up.
In amongst all this action material there are more mystical and romantic cues, sometimes featuring subtle use of soprano, and there are two romantic ballads present on the album, the first, "Endless Love," is presented initially with a male vocalist taking the verses, whilst a female voices the chorus. A second version concludes the album, in which they duet. The other ballad is called "Treasure Yourself" and is for female vocalist. Both songs are lovely, and I'd love to hear them sung in English.
With not a dud track to be found, I can recommend this album wholeheartedly as one of the most enjoyable I have encountered recently and, incidentally, it's not that hard to find - I picked mine up on eBay for a very reasonable price.


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