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Friday, April 21, 2006


Music by Michael Giacchino
Varese Sarabande VSD-6721 (EU)
27 Tracks 65:01 mins

For fans of the first season of this strangely compelling show from J.J. Abrams of Alias fame, this disc is the perfect sound souvenir, presenting as it does much of the best music from the season in chronological order.
Michael Giacchino of course worked with Abrams on Alias and therefore came along on the ride, producing a fascinating score for small orchestra, very inventive, emotional where required, and downright weird also.
However well the music worked in the show, and it worked very well, whilst there are many effective moments here, there aren't many tracks that I would return to with any great regularity. There is a very affecting, recurring kind of sentimental theme, first heard in "Win One for the Reaper " on delicate solo piano. This theme is also effectively featured for piano and strings in "Life and Death," and towards the end of the final track "Oceanic 815." There is a tender theme for the on-off relationship between Charlie and Claire, heard in "Thinking Clairely;" and a couple of exciting action cues, "Run Like, Um…Hell" and "Monsters are Such Interesting People" surface amongst many unsettling, suspenseful and threatening cues; whilst "Getting Even" features percussive conflict. One of the main characters is killed off later in the season and "Booneral" presents his elegy for strings, with the mood continuing in "Shannonigans" which partly deals with his sister's loss. A brief, menacing stinger with warped trombone effectively concludes a number of tracks and actually concludes the album after all the building sentiment of "Parting Words" and the aforementioned "Oceanic 815" that came before - just to let us know that there's plenty more uncomfortable moments ahead for the intrepid band of air crash survivors in Season 2, which I'm pleased to note starts again on U.K. TV screens next month.
Michael Giacchino, after coming so impressively to my attention writing excellent scores for games, continues to write interesting scores for both film and TV, whilst still dipping his toe into the game music world. I can't wait to hear his Mission: Impossible III score, also on Varese Sarabande.


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