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Friday, November 12, 2010


From Top Dollar PR:-

Remastered Collection Features the Speed Racer Original TV Theme Music Composed
by Nobuyoshi Koshibe and Peter Fernandez

New York - November 12th, 2010 - Sumthing Else Music Works, through its licensing
relationship with Speed Racer Enterprises, proudly presents Speed Racer: The SoundTRACK
featuring remastered music from the 1960's animated television series including
the Classic Speed Racer Original TV Theme. The theme and music for the show were
composed by Nobuyoshi Koshibe in Japan with English lyrics written by Peter Fernandez
for US audiences. The album also features new tracks from contemporary independent
music artists such as Lillix, Derek McKeith, Back Pocket Memory, Daybreak Ends,
Melodramus among others. Speed Racer: The SoundTRACK will be released on November
26th, 2010 to retail outlets through Sumthing Else Music Works,
and for digital download at, Amazon MP3, iTunesĀ® and other
digital music sites.

"This is a project that has been on our minds for a long time and we're very fortunate
that Sumthing Else Music Works allowed the album to be exactly how we envisioned
it," said Michael Cisneros at Speed Racer Enterprises. "We're very fortunate to
have such talented artists on the record and we're more than happy to give them
some well-deserved exposure. The driving beats of this soundtrack are meant to
be played very loud in your car and driven fast to... after all, it is Speed Racer."
"'Speed Racer' is based on a Japanese Manga Comic Strip entitled 'Mach Go Go Go'
and soon after made into an anime cartoon. In 1967 the show was brought to the
United States and became one of the most popular characters in American Television
History. Featuring Speed and his high-tech driving machine, The Mach 5, Speed Racer
combines racing with intrigue as he takes on the most treacherous of adversaries
with the aid of his family and the mysterious Racer X.
Now, over 40 years later, Speed Racer is fully encompassed as a pop culture icon
and more popular than ever."

Track listing:
1. Speed Racer Theme
2. Black & Grey (Melodramus)
3. Race Against The Mammoth Car
4. Can't Get Enough (Derek McKeith)
5. Round The Track (Billy's Vacation)
6. Respiration is a Daunting Task (Back Pocket Memory)
7. The Most Dangerous Race
8. Nowhere To Run (Lillix)
9. The Challenge Of The Masked Racer
10. Vehicular Promicide (Daybreak Ends)
11. The Great Plan
12. Speed Racer Wannabe (Dino-Mike)
13. Asphalt Jungle (Ledhead)
14. Speed Racer Reanimated (Ear Kandy Music)

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