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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


From Perseverance Records:-

Richard Band, Jeff Walton, John Massari & Peter Bernstein's
Puppet Master - The Soundtrack Collection Box
Available for Pre-Order Now at a Special Price

Perseverance Records PRD 033
$39.95 (OFFER GOOD UNTIL NOV 27, 2010)
Limited to 2000 copies.
Will ship the second week of December 2010.

This is the ultimate in Puppet Master music! This 5-disc deluxe box set features the complete scores in chronological order. All original scores from Parts 1-4, 6, 7, 9 & 10 are represented here in digitally re-mastered form. (Parts 5 & 8 had no original scores but were tracked with music from other Puppet Master/ Full Moon features.)

In the case of the first four films, we have gone back to the composer's original 1/2" 4-track analog tapes and digitally transferred them to hard disk. The scores from the other movies were all digital recordings, so we could use those files as they were sent to us by the composers.

The box comes with a 28-page booklet that features in-depth notes about the music for the ten films, as well as interviews with all four composers.

This offer is only good until November 27, 2010. After that, the box will sell for its regular price of $44.95.

To order and to hear sound samples, click here:

CD One
Composed by Richard Band
CD Two
Composed by Richard Band

CD Three
PUPPET MASTER III: Toulon?s Revenge
Composed by Richard Band
Composed by Richard Band

CD Four
Curse of the PUPPET MASTER
Composed by Jeff Walton
Composed by John Massari

CD Five
PUPPET MASTER vs Demonic Toys
Composed by Peter Bernstein
Composed by Richard Band

Coming Soon
Coming in January 2011:
Unforgettable by Christopher Young

It is a newly sequenced mix created by the composer, and differs considerably from the 1996 promotional recording he put together at the time of the film?s release. To create a more cohesive and progressive listening experience, several of the tracks presented separately on the promo album have been combined while nearly 20 minutes of previously unreleased music have been added, including two solo piano pieces intended as source music but not used in the film (?Riddle Fiddle? and ?Riddle Fiddle Faddle? ? the latter incorporates the film?s main theme into its melody). The result is surely a score worth remembering.

The Film Music of Jim Manzie, Vol.1 Back in Stock

We recently found another small box of this album and are selling those CDs now at the original sale price. This album was issued as a promotional CD for the composer, and only 250 copies were pressed. 30 of which are now available in our Yahoo store. The majority went to the composer and film makers.
The album gives a broad cross selection of the composer's varied work in films. The colorful booklet with tons of artwork features in-depth notes by film music journalist Randall Larson, as well as notes by the directors of the films. The ultimate promo!
Vol.2 is still available in limited quantities, as well.


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